Faith of Michael – Make it Count – Book Review

Well, I just gave birth to a baby: it’s a BOOK! I am proud to announce that Book One of my Trilogy “Faith of Michael – Make It Count” is now available on Amazon and Kindle. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Himalayan Cataract Project, “In the least developed countries, 50 percent of avoidable blindness is caused by cataracts. According to WHO (World Health Organization), a person is functionally blind when he or she is unable to perform tasks of daily living that are needed to survive. Blindness for the destitute is an almost certain death sentence.”

Thank you for helping give the Gift of Sight! Through this donation, I hope to ‘pay it forward’ for all the help I received in my times of need. If you get a chance to see the finished product, please let me know what you think. And please feel free to leave a review on Amazon.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Hawaii – or better yet, “Mele Kalikimaka, Hau’oli Makahiki Hou!

Arielle Faith Michael~


About the Book

Sometimes we compare our life to a glass that is either half-empty or half-full. When in truth it doesn’t matter. What is important is we have a glass and there is something in it. The contents of the glass is a direct reflection of who we are. How we fill it and with what is our choice and responsibility. This book is my glass and the stories its content. May it inspire you to fill your glass with what counts and what makes you proud.


KINGDOM OF THE SUN – Excerpt from Faith of Michael – Make It Count

It was another phenomenal day in the land of the Great Central Sun, our home. “There’s a first time for everything, Faith” Michael said, matter-of-factly as we walked along a sun drenched path. “Inter-planetary schools, traversing universes, angelic careers …” he paused a moment. “…and even becoming human.”

Whoa! What’s that? I came to an abrupt halt. Michael continued forward without missing a beat. Why would anyone want to leave Heaven for Earth? We are over twenty feet tall, radiant, perfect and filled with light. Everything we desire can be brought forward faster than a blink of an eye. What is the purpose of abandoning all this to be human? Sorry but the Creator didn’t make any stupid angels (even I could do the math on that one!) I wondered what poor, misinformed life forms from other galaxies agreed to go to Planet Earth!

I quickly caught up with Michael. He knew my curiosity was piqued but didn’t say a word. Just like him to drop a line like that and leave me hanging. I wanted more information but he knew divine timing was critical, especially in my case.

You see, I’m an angelic “newbie” and my celestial memory of different life experiences is totally blank. I have never existed anywhere but Heaven. I haven’t the slightest idea of how a soul goes to a planet, takes on a different form or why it’s done. I had accompanied Michael on many visits to Earth (which I jokingly nicknamed the Planet of Insanity), training as a Guardian Overseer under him. I observed epoch upon epoch, wondering when the inhabitants were going to “get it right” and put an end to all the fighting over land, possessions and words in old books that many gave their lives for. After a while I was convinced it wasn’t going to happen in the lifetime of that planetoid. End of story…or so I thought.

You may wonder how an angelic newbie comes into individualized consciousness. You see, the angelic realm is pure light. We have no bodies or personalities when we reside within the Creator. But if there is a special purpose to come into form outside of the Creator (called individualized consciousness), the Creator makes that happen. We are each given personalities that distinguish us from one another. Each personality carries with it attributes that some may categorize as ‘feminine’ or ‘masculine’. All this depends on the mission for that individualized consciousness. So, why was I brought forth and what was my mission? Those very questions ran through my mind for eons but Michael kept me so busy with other things I eventually dismissed it as the new angelic “normal”. Yes, I was definitely a newbie. More like a walking celestial anomaly.

The other “individualized” angels had been to Earth and other star systems many times over and in different forms. They were actively engaged in their missions. I had been “individualized” for a very long time but was never given an explanation as to why. These experienced angelic beings would give me a quizzical look and ask my purpose. I would point to Michael and say “I’m with him” at which point Michael would grin and the conversation would end. I found it weird on one level but hey – I’m with Michael. Why worry? He can handle anything and if he’s not concerned I don’t need to be either.

‘Poor life forms and their thirst for evolving’, I thought. They should have chosen the angelic realm in which to incarnate. Life in the Great Central Sun is a cake walk compared to a dysfunctional planet where the inhabitants are at odds with each other and manifesting takes forever. I decided long ago that my angelic footsies were staying firmly planted here. But just when you think you have it all planned out, someone comes along and changes things. Nothing is ever the same after that.

And so the journey began. My celestial memory would soon be filled with my own life experiences outside of Heaven. I even created my own battle cry: “Bring it on, Universe!” I was forever challenging the Powers That Be and throwing down the celestial gauntlet in front of them. I was ready! Little did I know then that those very words would earn me a one-time, do or die ‘tour of duty’ down there.


Having read the introduction to the book ~Faith Of Michael: Make it Count~. I know the author is a true lighthouse: Coaching our inner vision to safely arrive and accept our unique life journey. You see it was through her guiding hand that I understood that my glass contained the ocean! In gratitude for her loving life force. Viviana Quiroga Cloninger
“Arielle writes from the heart about her unique spiritual journey. Whether it is read as memoir, myth, or allegory, her story of transformation and awakening is told with honesty, humor and warmth. She sweeps the reader along through experiences ranging from the sublime to the painful in this short piece, and leaves you wanting to know more of her adventures “on the road with Michael”. Jen
Arielle has written a powerful account of her spiritual journey and the realization of who she is. She shares her wisdom and insights in a way that leads the reader to a greater understanding of the angelic realm and the possibilities that exist. Her description of her interaction with Archangel Michael is truly amazing. After reading her book, I was inspired to look for the highest possibilities in all situations and to make the most of each moment. I highly recommend this book to everyone who is on the path of enlightenment. Linda Robinson, Spiritual / Metaphysical Teacher and Channel
A.F. Michael’s book, Make It Count, gave me a sense of hope that we too could walk with angels while here on earth. It confirmed my belief that my guardian angel is truly watching over me. A short story, but inspirational. I hope Ms Michael writes many more books for years to come. M.C.B.
Reading Arielle’s book is a mythical experience. From the very beginning, Arielle tells her story with humor and straight forward insight. Her book truly opens the door to self-discovery. While reading this wonderful book, I questioned ‘who I am’; ‘where I came from’ and ‘what is my purpose’. I became fascinated by her intimate relationship with Archangel Michael and the realm of reality that she simultaneously exists in. Her book gave me inspiration to reconnect with my ‘true origins’. Catherine Kominos, engineer/scientist and kundalini yoga teacher




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