Failure or Feedback – Your Perspective, Your Choice

failure-or-success1We have all sorts of destinations throughout life: minor ones such as a simple trip to the grocery store; intermediate objectives like starting a new business or career, and we have the ultimate destination – a fulfilling life (whatever that means to us individually).

We can find and honor the gift that is given in the form of what appears to be a failure when we acknowledge and use the information received for our benefit. We do this by learning from the event, and using that wisdom to make the appropriate adjustments to our course; when we do so we travel our path in an organic manner, moving with the flow of life toward our destination.

When we look at feedback as failure we may tend to feel small and less willing to persevere, yet when we consider it valuable information necessary for the successful completion of our chosen task it becomes a gift, enabling us to make the appropriate adjustments, and continue on our path with a feeling of accomplishment.

When we make use of the information received along our journey it gives us a feeling of empowerment rather than failure.

The only time we fail is when we allow obstacles and delays to prevent us from moving in the direction of our choosing. Of course, we have free will and can change our mind about our destination as well, moving in another direction, opening the way to a new destination with useful information in hand.

This well-known Thomas A. Edison quote says it well:

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

I encourage you to consider all information received on the journey of life as valuable feedback, providing necessary intelligence for the fruitful unfolding of your sojourn on earth. Life is teaching us as we go; the quality of our life is dependent upon us noticing the signs along the way and modifying our actions accordingly.


Be joyful, embrace life and thrive!


With love,






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