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The Crocodile Rules

First of all I would like to say that it’s wonderful to be back, associated with Inspirational Storytellers once again. For the last few years I’ve been pretty quiet on the writing front, but I’m now in the process of completing my latest offering. It’s called, Eyesight To The Blind, and it’s easily my most exciting project yet. I’m posting a few extracts here just to whet your appetite, so I hope you enjoy this little morsel and thanks for having me. Richard

The Crocodile Rules

I mentioned several chapters back about the encounter I had with my medium friend, David, who told me that I would, “get fed up with it”. Well, David left this life a few years back now, but I wanted to write a bit of a tribute to his memory; mainly because he made me laugh and didn’t seem to take anything too seriously. I remember going to see him work one evening; it must have been before I moved to Wales. He had just come back from holiday in South Africa, and he based his address on what the people local to his holiday destination referred to as “The Crocodile Rules”. Basically, the crocodile rules consisted of the common sense steps taken by local people to avoid being eaten by one of the many resident crocodiles in that area. He adapted the concept of the crocodile rules and applied it to our own daily living in Western society. I decided that I would use the same concept, come up with my own crocodile rules and share them with you as a tribute to David. So…

Ladeeeeeeez an’ Gennelmen… I give to you… The Crocodile Rules of life:

1. Never bear a grudge; it will poison your soul.

2. Learn to say “No”, and mean it. There is a fine line between helping someone and being dumped on; you know who they are, and as long as you let them, they will keep on doing it.

3. Remember that life is a mirror. If you look at someone and see something you don’t like, it’s something you don’t like about yourself being reflected back to you; whether you realise it or not.

4. Carry out acts of kindness whenever the opportunity arises, and act out of selflessness. Every time you do this, you are taking a step closer to Self-realization.

5. Remember that we are all connected by our inherent Divinity; so if you inflict pain and suffering on someone else, you are ultimately doing it to yourself.

6. Regret nothing. Regret is a pointless emotion, so don’t waste your time with it. Instead have gratitude for the experience and being able to learn from it.

7. Life moves in cycles, so remember the Law of Cause and Effect and that you are personally responsible for everything you create. If you create a negative it will come back to haunt you when you least expect it. The same law applies in the positive sense.

8. Joy and grief rise up from and dissolve away into the same source. Your grief is painful because of your resistance to it. Therefore, the next time you feel grief, allow it to take you on the journey that it has come to take you on. You will find it will take you to a place of great love.

9. Try not to resist what is. Fall in love with the present moment because it is all you have. There is nothing else but Now! Remember, you are not your thoughts, you are the awareness of them, so when life comes calling and your mind is tormenting you, be with your thoughts, accept them, but don’t be defined by them. If you are able to do this, those thoughts will dissolve away and you will be left with pure Being.

10. Finally, some words of wisdom from the 14th Century Persian mystic and poet, Hafiz: “The words you speak become the house you live in”.



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  1. Lynne Maree says

    Richard, it’s wonderful to have you back here sharing your musings, revelations and good humour with us all! Thank you! This is super stuff! Looking forward to that book!

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