Dream Running Heights

Let me speak plainly by the hearth

Unlocking the holy heart beats

Inside journey of life together

Leave if I’m not the fire you need

I want the wind to always be my friend

I understand its work does not consider me

Except when engaging my own spirit medicine

Listen and I will be the tale you weep over

And a happy ending that carries you for three more days

I know the mystery of the dead crisp leaf yes sound

Tumbling claws across the hard surface

Snow shelled trees inside me raven tribes of high desert plateau

Energy of the black seal lamp eyes swimming

Against dark charcoal currents

My heart cries for all human beings

Swallowed inside but now I am quiet

For the most remote places

Know that I love them

Forgotten abused land

Have my prayers in their calloused hands

My poems stop for lost dogs and tumbleweeds

I become night skies and feathers left behind

By the beauty of flight let my dream song

Seep into my pores of seven gods

Thirteen goddesses their helpers

And others I fail to mention

They have no names but share my heart

Moving like a serpent in the desert sun

Winding powerful through thorn and valley

Up and down the spine of time

To be with this abandoned forgotten nest through winter

And return if you are ever kind to my kind

Death ghost swinging from grace to grief

Ceaseless heaving tundra of ice

Rib cage of bear

Hares quickened heart

Hawk wind and hunt

Through human debris

For colors of generative energy

These hungry white horses

Rise out of the spell your under

Feed them in the rain

Everything you have ever made of your life

Recognize the moon’s drum in the belt of stars

Want to bind you back to all things

You ever stepped on will grow again

There is no other but you again

Bound and changed in dream running heights



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