The Crowdfunding Failure that wasn’t!

HUH? I’ll explain soon. I wanted to talk a little bit about attachment, on how it has really hurt me in my life. I always thought that getting into Hollywood would look a certain way, or be some grand entrance with all the film gods welcoming me in. Or I set high goals, and really never accomplished them because I thought they would look and feel a certain way. Other times, when I would make a big deal, I expected to be in a position to think, “I’m set now, no more hard work”. So I never thought I had actually reached success.

Then, one day it finally sunk in. I started to look down my Facebook page, and I realized that I was that guy that I use to wanna be. Traveling the world, going to world class events with celebrities, partnering up with major players in the business. As I scrolled down my page I felt a tear drip down my face. Yes I lost two uncles, and my dad in a matter of only weeks, but during that time got to drive my whole crew to Oregon to shoot a video for Neale Donald Walsch, which is still in production after a whole year. Let me tell you, I didn’t see that coming lol. It really hit me, I’m that person with all those struggles and successes.

That last line right there is the key. We have to live a balance. This means that while we will encounter failures, like any balancing act, success must be part of the equation. Most people don’t hang in there long enough to see the success part come into effect. WHY? Cause we get attached to a certain way things should be, feel, or look like. Once we let go of that attachment it sends a pure focused signal to the universe that you are allowing it to bring what you desire in the way it’s meant to come.

See we actually make it pretty hard for the universe to do its job. It’s sort of like when a fire truck has to whiz through traffic to go put out a burning building, there are still cars that don’t move fast enough so they clog the process. Yes the fire truck will still get there, but it maybe a little late, so something will go wrong. So think of it that way for your mind. When we clog the mind with things, and expect something to come out a certain way, we put a stop on something else making its way to help support and create our true desire.

I wanted to end with a real life raw example of this, so you don’t just take my word on this matter. The Last Formula was created to give you the raw real life truth on how the power of the universe works everyday. So we just launched a crowdfunding campaign to help with funds on our docu film. We missed our goal by a long shot. BUT DID WE? Below you will see a check for $40,000 that an investor just dropped off to us. Keep in mind our goal was $20K, and we ended up creating $40K. How did we do this? By not being attached to the outcome. And to show you a little more proof. I actually created a video talking about detaching yourself in Feb of 2013 here: This was before we even thought about crowdfunding.


So I’m not posting this check to brag, please understand this is only to show you a result. I know this because it happened to me. I never used to read books. I always bad mouthed those self help folks, thinking they just wanted to scam me out of my money. Then after I lost it all, and was forced to rethink my life, I picked up a book that changed my life, Conversations With God Books 1,2, and 3. This book has been the launching pad to where I am today. I’m hoping that with these words you can somehow feel my desire for wanting the world to understand the message of The Last Formula.

I decided to listen to the internal voice that only speaks of love. As a result, this little voice has brought so much joy to my life. I can’t even start to explain it, because I’m not sure you’d believe me.

What I would like for you to do is to go create your unbelievable story. Then pass it on, and help fill someone else’s life with joy, and love 🙂

Thanks for reading.


Pictured above: TLF team with Kristine Carlson Co-Author of “Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff”

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