You can put a quote in a book

It’ll become a place you’ll never look

In life we struggle day by day

We deal with our issues in our own separate way

We make mistakes and never let go

The emotions we feel, we just don’t show

Anger, hatred, sadness and spite

Emotions we feel when we think we are right








The end of the rainbow is all up to you

The way you see life, from your head to your toes

If you keep it inside, then no one knows

So grab a paintbrush and a canvas too

And draw the colors you see within you


There are challenges in life we don’t want to face

We’re in it together, we’re in the same race

It’s easy to give up and never look back

Take all your things, and just start to pack

But feeling like life is never really fair,

Well that’s a feeling we all tend to share.



Poetry by: Cori Hoberman



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