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An Icon Whose Time has Come

Nothing is more powerful than an ICON whose time has come… The question is: Are You Positioned right? This is a powerful time. Very powerful ...
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Receiving is Nourishment

Hello Love, Have you allowed yourself to abundantly RECEIVE today? Well, let me share with you my fascination with today’s photo and what ...
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Living My Life Like It’s GOLDEN!!

Wow, wow, and wow!!! I should be used to it by now, but I am just in awe of what happens – every time! – when you set your powerful intentions ...
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JOYGGING is running deLIGHTLY without rushing to achieve a goal. It is letting your feet dance forward, while YOU enJOY your surrounding. You can ...
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Fresh Focus

It is easy to be doing what you are always doing, but then you are getting the results that you are always getting. Right now, you are looking at a ...
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New Perspective

New Perspective is everything. When you drop into the grass and look at life from the perspective of a lady bug, or climb a tree to feel like a ...
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