Bombs At Christmas

So sad to wake up to
The state that we’re in
That bombs might be falling on ANY live skin

Even anger and hatred are lost in this task
What do we think?
Well no-one’s actually asked
The decision just made on all our behalf

Love bombs, yes that’s how we’ll respond to this all
To explode in their heads, then watch as they fall
Down into their hearts and let them take hold
Solid walls of suspicion now drip from their souls
Compassion and empathy make themselves known
While remorse and humbleness carry them home

So much love we’ll all aim at these leaders of ours
That it’s the predominant influence on all of their powers
What awakens will shock
Bring us all to our knees
We know not what we do…… forgive us God please

Are you ready to conscript, to be a love bomber?
To take time to consciously send love to the “other”
We all bleed the same blood
Our hearts with each other

Let’s target the prayed on
And help them feel ease
May love strike those in fear
And bring them to peace

Let’s counter the war bombs
With love – not sheer hate
We’ve all the time in the world
…But the world cannot wait

LOVE must prevail now
Focus strongly upon this
Let’s strike out for peace
Please drop love bombs this Christmas


Poem by Stephanie




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