here I am again!

stepping into this place

of rolling waves and lightning surges

coming from my heaving belly,

inside me there is an earthquake

taking with it

expectation and resistance,

they crash and change

into an undulating song

of forward backward open palm close palm rhythms

bone grinding back arching eye rolling Ommmm::home::


the whole world shifts,

I am you and you are me:

I am the rosebud and the bee,

the nectar and the hummingbird,

the poplar bud opening revealing

creamy petal splotched with orange,

I am the hen laying her egg,

the hatching chick peeping out of membrane shell,

the ocean, the rain drop, the storm

the women every one of them come and gone,

here before and now:

the norns cackle at me,

squatting strapped breathing pushing unconscious awake

at home, in the fields, in the hospital

it doesn’t matter anymore

nothing matters anymore

who am i?


I watch myself

split open and melt

a watermelon growing out from between my legs

strong legs, hah! they called them thunder thighs

they didn’t know how powerful these thunder thighs are!

I laugh: how I love these thighs!

I love them all;

they gave me this gift

this delicious laughter in a hot burning place.

I thank I forgive I love


Where oh where is my mother?

Am I going to die?

It doesn’t matter

Nothing matters anymore

When there’s a meteor coming out

I’m falling apart putting myself back together a part

Time looses all meaning,

all of a sudden there’s a head on my hands

insides turned outside

I look into a pair of wide open eyes

Looking back at me,

did I just give birth or did birth give me I?


My mother said I’d find out ‘some day’

What I’d find she didn’t say

Though in the umbilical unwinding

Mystery keeps on reminding

Me of the star lit dream


We dance on

together over the stream.


Poetry by Mariam




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