To Believe

To believe

even when it is a daunting task

that is the key.

To believe in your deepest self.

To believe in Grace

To live fully without flinching

Faith is the evidence of things hoped for

Grace can save you

Animate you

bring you to Life.

Every day say thank you

for another breath

Another day.

Inwardly say

Lead me infinite unseen,

Humble me,

Let me surrender to you

and let Grace change my heart

and bring me into alignment

with my highest good.

So I can become

The issue of good things for humanity.

It is not always easy.

I have those moments

When I feel dead

and do not want to do anything.

Then immerse yourself in life

Your soul is good

Always forgive

and seek forgiveness

Do not hold on too rigidly to your ideas

let them go

let them grow.

Delay the sentence

the prisoner is not guilty.

Be an open channel

Try to communicate

Express yourself.

Start the day with gratitude

and try to think of the good

You can do in the world for this day.


© Stephen J. Kalinich


A super rendition of Stevie’s poem “Ocean”. Inspired!





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