Behind A BEAST: A Dancer Transformation Story

Hi my name is Louis, this is my story. I’m a dancer from Vancouver, Canada and I made A Dance Transformation video where I took over 100 classes in 10 months in hopes to win a scholarship to dance in LA for a week long intensive training with the best choreographers in the world, currently the contest will be choosing 5 applicants out of over 2000 people and no matter what the result I am happy because I put myself out there. I was surprised to receive messages from people in Hawaii, Germany, San Diego, Melbourne even Mexico telling me their story touched them, they were inspired, and especially people who don’t even dance but can relate in some way. I filmed it over the course of a year, thought about it for a month, planned it out for a week, and edited it for 12 hours. Straight. I hope you are able to watch my story for even 30 seconds, and i hope you feel the magic I feel, when I dance. Thank you.

I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to see this submission the scholarship will be announced on Friday April 8th 2016 and the choreographer wildebeast adams will personally fly down to the winners home and present it to him directly.

lets-danceThis whole experience has been beyond a blessing i can’t thank god enough for what he’s put me through.

Everyone was so shocked at the “process” of achieving your dreams, no one realized how much effort it really takes to get results, so I decided to continue my series with my youtube channel called: BehindABeast a behind the scenes look at my training what i’m reading and my mental/physical preparations in the form of a training youtube vlog.

I hope to inspire the world with my movement, thats all I really want to do,

your support means the world to me,

take care always





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