Becoming Mainstream

A wonderful thing happened in 2013, but hold on, just for a moment let’s step back to 2012, the year much of the world was waiting for an era to end. Those who believed that nothing much was going to occur in December 2012, were right. It was rather an uneventful conclusion to a very long countdown, considering it was the end of a 5000, or so, year cycle in the Solar System’s revolution around the Central Sun of the Milky Way. The big surprise came in 2013, but it came along like a whisper as the New Year began. No one really expected anything big to happen in 2013, and most people were not even paying attention as the New Era began.

There are some that may argue that the New Age began years ago and they would be correct in saying so, but it is that same New Age that has led us into the New Era, the next generation of consciousness here on Earth. In the same manner as the “next gen” computer chip or cell phone evolves into the mainstream of technology, humanity is now in the next generation of it’s Conscious Human Evolution. How could, anyone suspect this was about to happen as January returned for its annual visit? No one could have guessed, after all, it was a unique experience that had not been previously winter-to-springrecorded in history and doesn’t exist in the conscious memory bank of anyone alive today. Little by little, as winter turned into spring in the Northern Hemisphere, Lightworkers became aware of the birth of a new reality. It was like a dream come true and was what they had been hoping for and envisioning. Now it was unfolding, gently and gracefully, right before their eyes. They began to talk about it to one another, posts on Facebook were seen increasingly, describing the new reality that was being experienced by more and more highly evolved individuals. Of course, not everyone was having such a good time. Many were still suffering and others continued to live in the fog and the dream of the collective consciousness.

lightworkerAs a result of the change in the vibration here on Earth, in the almost imperceptibly unique dimension in which Lightworkers live, new knowledge and wisdom are streaming through from its inhabitants on a daily basis. Fortunately, there is an alternate source of information and it is brought forth by many individuals, some channeling higher beings and others in touch with their multidimensional selves. New ideas are coming through every day from increasing numbers of people. Some of these ideas may seem absurd to those who still cling to the old belief systems, but to light workers, who rely on their gut feelings for validation, the new, strange ideas and information are accepted as the foundation of the New Era.

As an example, there is an almost universally accepted belief, except in some religious quarters, that we are descendants of apes; scholars have set dates for the history of civilized humankind at various significant time markers. Everyone in the Western world agrees on this, it is taught in schools as absolute truth, but so has other information been taught in the past, as absolute truth, which is now no longer accepted as valid. On the other hand, there are pleiadesindigenous cultures that have known all along that our ancestors are from star systems and that they seeded here on this planet. When the elders of these groups questioned about their origin, they frequently point to the constellation of Pleiades. It is important to mention here that these indigenous cultures have been holding the light here on Earth through all the ages. It is only now, with the New Age and the New Era, that the steadily increasing number of Lightworkers have been assisting in holding the light, resulting in the increased vibration of the Light Quotient on Earth to a level not experienced for ages.

It may be surprising how many people are becoming enlightened. If a person searches on Google for a topic such as Crystals, they will come across hundreds of pages on the topic. Try searching Google images for ‘orbs’, there are amazing amount of photos with lovely orbs in them. More and more people are interested in such things and over time, become comfortable with this new reality until it becomes mainstream. Many people are realizing that there is another road new-roadto travel, another path, and that they are not doomed to be enslaved by the mentality of the collective consciousness. The beauty of this is that it is accomplished primarily with the mind and the energetic vibration of the Light Body; therefore, it can all be done without interference by anyone that might object or become threatened by the loss of power that they will inevitably experience by remaining static. In other words Lightworkers are free, headed out into the unknown, that is, unknown to those living on Earth today, but not unknown to those loving beings living in the higher realms who are rejoicing at the sight of humans participating in Conscious Human Evolution. So you see, dear Lightworkers, we now have the platform for the program, all that is left is to load the data, as they say in software development circles, and we are doing that each day that passes. We are downloading the data into the database and the information is spreading like wildfire, thanks to the Internet.

Now let’s take a look at channeling, which has not always been given a credible rap, even though most of the information that is available in conventional schools of thought was derived the same way, through inspiration and AHA moments. Whether we are in direct contact with a higher dimensional being or receiving information from another higher source, the resulting message has come internetfrom a place outside of our Third Dimensional reality; in fact, anything new comes from this same place. The iPhone, the Internet, Harry Potter all existed outside the then current reality, but when brought forth, influenced population on a mass scale. That which is labeled as channeled information is frequently not sanctioned by mainstream experts, so it often times looses credibility, but this is a cue amongst Lightworkers to consider it, for they know intuitively if they resonate with an idea or belief. Once someone does resonate with something, it becomes truth for them, for it’s not possible to resonate with something that vibrates at a lower level than one’s self, as there is no harmony in untruth.

Very often, different versions of a similar truth come through at the same time, which only confirms the interconnectivity of us all. It is not necessary to integrate every new idea, but that is not to say they cannot be valued. Perhaps comprehending that we are multidimensional beings is difficult to grasp with the linear mind, for there is a difference between understanding and knowing, but thinking outside the box is how to move forward. There’s a reason why these thoughts are brought into the consciousness of some and then out to the world. One day, that which seems unbelievable now will be taken for granted, just as elviswe take for granted things today that in the past seemed unbelievable. What if you told somebody 100 years ago you could talk to anybody in the world on a machine that you could hold in your hand, that they could hear you and write back to you immediately and that the information could be shared instantaneously–no one would have believed it. You wouldn’t even have to go back 100 years. Think back to when the Railroad was built in the United States it changed everything. People could travel reasonably across the vast expanse of the Americas. If you ask when the seed of the New Age was actually planted, it would have to be designated to the night Elvis Presley was seen on the Ed Sullivan show in 1956. When Elvis swiveled his hips and rock ‘n roll became popular, it woke up the long dormant root chakras of a generation and there was no turning back, the youth had again gone wild. The Beatles ushered us sweetly and gracefully into the 60’s and the opening of the 3rd eye chakra on a grand scale.

With the latest technology today, we are discovering ruins of cities that existed many thousands of years ago, and are still buried. This blows out traditional recorded history, much agrigentoto the chagrin of some scholars. Heredity is being redefined, thanks to epigenetics, which states that our thoughts and even external influences can alter our DNA, which is said to be not ‘set in stone’ after all. Religion is becoming obsolete and spirituality, in other words connection to the divine source and recognizing the divinity within each individual is taking its place. Healing is transitioning over to the individual and alternative healing methods. It has only been a few years that healthy food has become mainstream, who would have thought that you could buy a salad at a fast food restaurant.

Even the concept of time is under scrutiny, light workers are finding that they can alter time through their minds with their intentions. The fun part about being a Lightworker is talking to another Lightworker; both of you can speak freely, understand one another and enjoy the sharing of new information each of you has gathered. It’s a beautiful thing and it is what Lightworkers do, they are creating and building the foundation for the New Era that has grown from a seed that was planted and now has blossomed.

Dear Lightworkers, what you have been trying to do, actually worked. Today the foundation of an Era for future generations has come and before long it will be in the mainstream. The information will be written down in the books of the future or perhaps the eBooks of the future.


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