When the world is difficult and you are in pain…maybe others are aiming at you with their weapons of jealousy, hatred, vengeance and greed…do not be afraid.


Stand strong on four powers like the white buffalo heart. By this is meant you are strong in your good intentions, in your loving heart, in your ability to learn from experience, and in the knowledge and understanding of yourself and others.


Arrows may come your way, they may pierce your skin but they will never pierce your strength, your hope, your truth.


You are who you are, nothing will ever lessen that. Stand strong and face the winds, look for the white in others, and live.


O Great and Holy Spirit, hear my voice, I am a white buffalo heart! I pray for my brothers and sisters of white, I hold them in the power of the buffalo maiden – May She carry them on the winds of your Spirit… Hechetu Aloh! And so it is!


“White Buffalo Calf Woman”, Original artwork above by Rogue Guirey Simpson, 1992



Eliza White Buffalo was born in Ireland in 1965. From the age of five she has been communicating with Spirit, and in particular, with a spirit who tells her he is Nicholas Black Elk. Black Elk has been teaching Eliza all her life, how to be happy and live in truth. Eliza’s life, like so many others, was one of terrible fear and sadness. She believes it was Black Elk’s love for her and his teachings that helped to turn her life into a happy one, and she is dedicated to sharing her lessons with the world so that many others may be happy too. Eliza lives in Northern Ireland with her husband and sons. She lives daily with love, hope, and faith in who she is.

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