Awake my energy, guiding spark

Send me soaring; to purpose, on mark

Alert, alive to all that can be

Seeking, shining, as far as I see


Awake my mind, you bittersweet tool

Which leads one true or to play the fool

Weakened thoughts grasp, away from the core

Leave us tired, hungry, wanting more


Awake myself to who I can be

Uncluttered vision resides in me

Potential and greatness that is I

There are no limits under the sky


Awake myself to my truthful worth

Love,light, perfection; peace, joy and mirth

Creative fire; gifts deep inside all

Intuition beckons, heed its call


Awake my heart and step into love

Melt away young scars and rise above

Confusions kiss, once led me astray

I turn myself to mute in the grey


Awake my truth, thy grand unmasked self

Hidden, buried, found; authentic wealth

Our life’s purpose, comfort, joy and ease

Guidance from within, eager to please


Awake my spirit, fears set aside

Soul’s perfection, fervent, loving guide

Flowing love, our birthright, path, desire

Flame burns brightly from this heavenly fire



Copyright G. Brian Benson 2012


The Poem “Awake” features in Brian’s most recent book – “Finding Your Voice – A Collection of Inspirational Stories, Poems, Thoughts and Quotes to Help You Find Your True Voice”







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