At the Speed of Life

Shakespeare rightly remarked the world’s a stage and we are all actors playing our parts outlined by destiny, for us. It’s difficult to assess the range and quality of human emotion those bearing a joyful countenance may have grieves gnawing at their existence while a dull, idiotic looking person might be blissfully happy. Life is a strange humdrum affair, where a few moments of peace snatched should be greatly acknowledged.

In our tedious lives we live each day trying to keep the balance, walking the tight rope. We set goals, accelerate towards achieving them at lightning fast speed, trying to keep the focus. But, if only we allow ourselves to assimilate the truth of the situation shall we realize that we are not driven by goals but allow them to drive us. We set terms and conditions for happiness in our lives. We claim to be living in the moment but belittle our efforts by setting deadlines for our happiness. We promise to be happy when the project is over, when the exam is qualified and so. In reality we are just being control freaks. With myriads of tasks to juggle college, friendships, relationships, obligations we try to veil our anxiousness behind the garb of joviality and nonchalance.

Often we forget that chaos is the order of universe itself. By its very definition it cannot be controlled. We cannot exercise autonomy over life. The only thing we can do cross our fingers and hope for the best. As William Blake rightly said “If the doors of perception were cleansed the world would appear to men as it is: Infinite”. This is a world of infinite opportunities where everything happens for a reason. We very well know what happened when Steve Jobs was ousted from his very own Apple, he started Pixar Animation Studios, the biggest animation studio in the world.

So just sit back for a moment, breathe in breathe out and think, get hold of your priorities. There’s a life you are meant to live, a path you are meant to take. Just every now and then break off from the mundane – compliment a colleague, go for a long walk with a friend, pat yourself for little achievements. Take one day at a time and enjoy life ‘cause it’s not a ticking time bomb.



Author: Anonymous

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  1. Steve Haines says

    A fitting description of ‘Life Perception”
    Interesting – Analogy.

    This resonated with me as I’ve been thinking this way often lately.

    Steve Haines

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