Leonardo da Vinci asked: Why does the eye see a thing more clearly in dreams than the imagination when awake?



Author/Film Maker: Lorenzo Marzocca

This is a short clip to introduce some thoughts that allow us to rethink problems, reconsider alternatives, grasp the interrelations between seemingly disparate elements. What is outside and what is inside is mixed, the events experienced inwardly projecting outside, visions become the truth of which is given by their meaning imaginal, and rise to the function of symbols.The juxtaposition of images created a very vibrant representation of how our day-to-day realities require transdisciplinary thinking. Engaging with the world makes us aware of the limits of our knowledge, doesn’t it? We are always working within a field which cannot be fully contained by our familiar systems of knowledge.


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NEWS: 20/09/2015


We are pleased to announce that the video “Anima Mundi“, by Lorenzo Marzocca, has been awarded with the “Best Video Filmagogia 2015” prize and the Special Mention of the Jury from the Filmagogia Foundation, as part of the 72th International Film Festival of Venice 2015.