Inspired you free the children in resistance

brushing off residues of blame, shame and guilt

Loving every part of you with deep persistence

turning up the light where flowers were to wilt


You came to be, Angel of Freedom

giving back the life to all who call

Your very Essence the Truth of Creator

shines also Light for those denying their fall


Every breath a prayer inhaled

blesses all the cells while flowing through

Every breath out exhales your sharing

as your love reaches others it comes to you


You are the wonder, Angel of Forgiveness

handing your PEACEs to those who hear

They are the ones who are in surrender

Their voice and their choice called you near


You are the Highest in the golden chalice

We honor you with arms open wide

You are the Angel of Appreciation

Your tender embrace was melting all pride


Inspired you free the ones in resistance

clearing out what cannot last

Illusion of intrusion of me-my-mine-perception

clinging to your now was greedy past


Your Highest is emerging blessed forever

space and time snuggle into here and now

Such beauty your expression, Angel of Love

eternally victorious you show us how


Angel of the Earth – Lover and Beloved

Relief you bring with your torch of light

Angel of Mankind, waking other angels

the time has come for all to take flight


And so Love is… in love with you


Copyright © 2010 Tanya von Zychlinsky



A world citizen, visionary spiritual guide, inspirational story teller, and creative channel, Tanya has been on America’s ABC TV, returning special guest on radio shows, co-directing ”Evolution’s Child”, and emoting her own poetry on stage. Tanya is a word weaver, published author: A creative vortex, visionary, and voice for good. She connects people with their passions activating their clarity, creativity, commitment, and courage to make their dreams real. 

Tanya speaks many languages, has traveled the world extensively, lived in many countries, was on many intense roller coasters, and has turned her experience into expertise, which has made her a wise woman about this world and humanity. As creative spiritual entrepreneur she makes money doing what she loves – being herself, using all her talents. As poet, story teller, artist, new thought leader and visionary guide, she brings higher mind, advanced information, intuitive insights, million dollar ideas, and radical transformation with gentleness, genius, generosity & giggles – most of all a sense of awe and wonder with a zest for life!

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