A Voice Through MLK


I have a dream…That one day…

We’ll paint within the lines

Define the world in 50 shades

The book will write itself

A center of a hidden truth

Lurks deep within the past

Blind are those, to all who see;

contaminated thoughts


Hatred loves to follow change,

As love disintegrates

Strike adversity with a match

And set the world ablaze


If color makes the world go ’round

Then why do I see shades?

An ocean, blue

With grass so green,

imagine colored white

An ocean, white

With grass so white

Is that where beauty lies?


If a color crowned as king

We’d contradict ourselves

Who is named a privileged fool?

When we are not the same

If brown is tied to color; shame

Then shame on all that is;

Eyes and hair

And animals

Chocolate chips

And instruments;

The seeds we need to grow


With a matching belt,

In all the sports we play

Shame! Shame! You shame us all!

You must remove yourselves


Fiz-eh-cality sets a sail

Defines a hidden truth

If we were made to look alike

Our eyes would be the same

Cloaked a coat,

The color white

Yet we were made to differ

Find the light within yourself

And let the hatred simmer


Poetry by: Cori Hoberman




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